Supreme Court Rulings Increase The Barriers To Success For Young Adults

Summary – The latest string of supreme court decisions means that we will need to work even harder to create and gain access to educational and workforce opportunities for most young adults.

The recent Supreme Court decisions gutting affirmative action in higher education admissions, the blocking of Biden’s proposed student loan forgiveness plan, and the wrenching decision to allow discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community only makes it tougher for our young people to succeed in today’s labor market and to secure a stable economic future.

Each of these politically motivated decisions only decrease opportunities and increase barriers for our country’s young people. I only find it ironic that these decisions all came within days of our collective celebration of our country’s Independence Day.

We are just beginning to understand the significant implications of the Covid-19 health crisis on young adults mental health and long-term physical health.

As documented by Measure of America, and many other researchers, Covid-19 and its subsequent economic fallout has pushed young adults further away from the educational opportunities and employment pathways that will determine their economic future and social mobility.

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Disappointing, but not surprising. We cannot back down.

So it is with great disappointment, however, not surprising, that the Supreme Court ruled against the long established precedents of creating equal opportunity for those most impacted by our country’s history of discrimination and racism.

While I am disappointed and saddened, I do have a strong belief in the resiliency and strength of our young adults as well as all of those who support them. The lack of affirmative action in higher education (which I surely was a beneficiary of) will force our communities to be even more resolute in our purpose and impact.

New Ways to Work and all of our partners will need to work even harder to create and gain access to educational and workforce opportunities for most young adults, especially those from the foster, justice and homelessness systems. We will need to work smarter and advocate harder to help reduce future student debt. We will,without aa doubt, need to stand stronger to protect our LGBTQ+ youth and young adults from discriminatory actions and attacks.

We can also hope one day soon we will have a Supreme Court who will once again protect the social and economic future of all.

Robert Sainz

Robert Sainz

Robert M. Sainz was appointed President and Executive Director of New Ways effective January 2021. Throughout his 30-year public service career, he has addressed many difficult social problems facing our community’s low-income residents, including the challenges of juvenile delinquency, youth and adult unemployment and poverty.