Youth Workforce Development

The world is moving at an increasingly rapid pace, calling for dynamic, innovative approaches to prepare our youth for meaningful careers. Implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act presents new challenges in several key areas – recruiting and retaining out-of-school and out-of-work youth, applying a career pathways approach to programs, providing a range of developmental work-based learning experiences and partnering with employers to create talent pipelines in key industry sectors.

Project Examples

Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board
New Ways supported the board and youth council in the transition to the Opportunity Act, assisted in new youth program design, procurement and implementation as well as transition of the youth council to a youth committee. Provided Executive Coaching to youth program leadership.
Sonoma County Water Agency and Workforce Investment Board
New Ways is currently supporting the implementation of a new Career Pathways model leading to careers in the water industry, parks and county general services, creating support materials, training partners and team members, exploring apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship. Also focusing on new partner development, sustainability and communications.
Youth Council Institute (YCI)
New Ways supports Workforce Boards and their Youth Councils/Committees to build capacity to provide high-quality services and to expand their scope beyond regulatory responsibilities. We provide assessment, capacity-building and technical assistance through facilitated strategic planning, training, workshops, asset mapping and the collection and dissemination of quality practices.