Our Approach

The New Ways Approach

New Ways helps create powerful partnerships that provide young people with the opportunities and support they need to prepare them for success in career and life.

  • The New Ways approach is driven by practice and has a track record of success in communities around the country.
  • New Ways utilizes state-of-the-art process tools and organizational change methodologies commonly used in the private sector.
  • New Ways works closely with government entities, foundations and local communities to design and implement strategies and solutions to identified issues, problems and priorities relating to youth and the institutions that serve them.
  • New Ways helps clarify the issues and identify quality practices from around the country that can help address the issues.
  • New Ways then works with people on the ground to design solutions and approaches to these issues, apply new strategies and implement the appropriate initiatives to address local needs.
  • New Ways works with organizations and communities to design strategies that will engage leadership, practitioners and other stakeholders in developing and implementing a solution.
  • New Ways then works to support implementation, ongoing improvement and sustainability of the initiatives and the systems that supports them.