Our Purpose

Youth Today, especially those who are disconnected from school and the workplace, face unparalleled challenges and experience a narrowing range of opportunities as they prepare for life as adults.

New Ways to Work has spent the past three-and-a-half decades working with policy makers, local leaders and youth practitioners to improve their practice, and to define better ways to connect organizations and leverage resources to prepare youth and young adults for the future.

Our World has changed dramatically in the past decade, and our nation’s young people are being left behind – without the opportunities, experiences and support they need to enjoy successful lives as adults. Our systems and programs are fragmented and disconnected – too often focused on preparing young people for a world that existed a decade or more ago.

The Economy has experienced a structural shift, resulting in new patterns of job growth in the United States and around the world. We must reshape our educational and career development approaches to better prepare and support all young people for these new opportunities.

Our Roots in pioneering workforce flexibility options that meet both employer and employee needs provide a foundation for developing programs that help young workers gain practical real-world experience and balance employment with education, training and other priorities in their lives.

Our Focus on working with employers and understanding the demand side of our economy helps us enable connections between the schools, colleges, training programs and organizations that seek to connect youth and young adults to real-world work experiences and prepare them for careers.

At New Ways, we help local youth programs, workforce and economic development systems, schools and social service programs, government agencies, the private sector and philanthropic partners work together in new ways to address the challenge of preparing the next generation of American citizens.