Opportunity Youth: A Guide to Local Action

Expanding Workforce and Career Development Pathways for Opportunity Youth: A Guide to Local Action

Gain a roadmap to expand access to and improve the quality of workforce and career development services provided for 16- to 24-year-old opportunity youth – defined as youth who are disconnected from both school and work as well as those who have experienced foster care, the justice system or homelessness.

The frameworks themselves are intentionally ambitious and recognize the need to develop partnerships overtime with systems adjacent to the workforce and education systems to support enhanced recruitment and engagement of opportunity youth and to provide the wide range of comprehensive support needed to effectively serve the population.

New Ways to Work

New Ways to Work

For over five decades, New Ways to Work has effectively provided technical assistance and capacity building with people and organizations across the country to help communities better prepare youth and young adults for bright futures. New Ways draws on a history of building systems that support transitions for the economically disadvantaged, those in foster care or engaged in the criminal justice system, those with disabilities or those who are simply out-of-work and out-of-school and need better opportunities to succeed.