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What Is Youth Voice?

Youth voice is exactly what it sounds like, namely, direct accounts from youth about their views and experiences.

We Want to Hear Your Voice!

Are you between the age of 18 and 24? We want your voice, and we are offering $250 for select submissions.

New Ways is looking for youth written articles for it’s new “Youth Voice” news section. Articles should be about your unique life experiences related to:

  • Getting A Job
  • Working In A Job
  • Getting Trained / Educated For Entering The Workforce

We are especially interested in the unique challenges and stories experienced by opportunity youth entering the workforce.

Selected submissions will be paid $250 and published in the New Ways to Work website.

Submission Guidelines

Current Deadline – July 15, 2023

While we intend to make calls for submissions several times a year, this call expires July 15, 2023.

Submission Length – 500 – 1,500 Words

Website articles are an art of less is more. Keep articles concise and focused with a min/max range of 500 to 1,500 words.

Desired Topics & Examples

Due to the mission of New Ways to Work, we are only interested in articles around youth experience in the workforce and workforce preparation. Here are some examples of acceptable topics. Acceptable submissions are not limited to these examples.

  • Getting A job:
    • The Job Application Process
    • The Job Interview Process
    • Overcoming Experiences of Prejudice In The Hiring Process
    • Availability of Open Jobs
    • Positive And Negative Experiences With Job Recruitment or Onboarding
  • Working In A Job
    • Your First Job
    • How Working Is The Same or Different From What you Thought It Would Be
    • Difficulties & Challenges Maintaining A Job With Less Family Support
    • The Difference of Treatment Between Youth And Adult Workers.
    • An Experience Where You Had To Advocate For Yourself In The Workplace
    • Do You View Yourself As Successful?
  • Getting Trained / Educated For Entering The Workforce
    • Experiences In Specific Education Or Training Programs
    • Overcoming Barriers In Accessing Education Or Training Programs
    • Describe A Valuable Mentorship Experience
    • A Work Experienced That A Classroom Experience Prepared You For
    • A Classroom Or Training Lesson You Wish You’d Had Before Entering The Workforce

A Note About The Editorial Process

Writing for the web is tricky and even famous writers need an editor. Accepted submissions will go through a brief editing process before being paid for and published. Submitting authors are expected to participate in that editing process. It may be just as easy as adding some headers to break up your content, or it might be a little more involved. Just know the goal is to keep your voice in tact while also engaging in good web authoring practices.

How To Submit

Please complete the for below to submit your article.

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Please cut and paste your article content here. If accepted we will follow up with a request for a copy in Word or Google Docs. Please keep submissions to a min/max of 500 - 1,500 words.