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Quality Work-Based Learning
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Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit
Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

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The Kansas City, Kansas Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit project was launched in the summer of 2002, by the New Century Connections partnership. The project's goal was to build a toolkit that would provide Kansas City, Kansas educators and youth program staff with everything they need to create quality, safe and legal work-based learning experiences for students.

The Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit is the result of hundreds of hours of work by Kansas City, Kansas teachers, administrators and community partners from the Business Education Coalition (BEC) at the Kansas City, Kansas Area Chamber of Commerce. New Ways to Work provided consulting, managed the process and produced the Toolkit.

This toolkit provides resources and materials which are specific to Kansas laws, Kansas City, Kansas board policies and district programs and practices. Please feel free to download and use the materials with full awareness that specifics may need to be changed for your purposes.

If you are interested in working with New Ways to develop a toolkit that is specific to your district or community, please contact Molly Wertz, our Quality Work-Based Learning Project Manager.

You can download the entire toolkit (276 pages)as a PDF file by clicking here.

Individual sections of the toolkit are also available as separate PDF files by clicking their titles in the table of contents below.


Creating Quality Work-Based Learning
How-To Guide for Workplace Tours
How-To Guide for Job Shadows
How-To Guide for Internships
How-To Guide for Service Learning
Building the Classroom Connection
Teacher Guide to the Work-Based Learning Plan
Workplace Partner Guide to the Work-Based Learning Plan
Student Guide to the Work-Based Learning Plan

Creating Quality Work-Based Learning  

Creating Quality Work-Based Learning is an introduction to the principles of Quality Work-Based Learning and lays the foundation for developing any work-based learning experience. The Seven Simple Guidelines presented focus on the "must-haves" for quality experiences.

Creating Quality Work-Based Learning Guide 1
Introduction 2
Background 3
What is Quality Work-Based Learning? 4
The Quality Elements of Work-Based Learning 5
Who is Involved and What Do They Do? 8

The Continuum of Quality Work-Based Learning 10
Career Awareness Activities 10
Career Exploration Activities 10
Career Preparation Activities 11

Seven Simple Guidelines for Creating Quality Work-Based Learning 13
Guideline 1: Plan and Prepare for Successful Experiences 13
Guideline 2: Maximize Learning 15
Guideline 3: Provide Effective Supervision 19
Guideline 4: Promote Safety 21
Guideline 5: Manage the Hours a Student is at the Workplace 23
Guideline 6: Pay When Required 25
Guideline 7: Provide Ongoing Support 26
Summary 27

Summary of Factsheets 30
Summary of Tools 31

How-To Guides  

The How-to Guides for Workplace Tours, Job Shadows, Internships and Service Learning are step-by-step guides to developing Quality Work-Based Learning experiences that work for the student, the workplace partner and the teacher.

How-To Guide for Workplace Tours Guide 2
Developing Workplace Tours  
Introduction 2
Workplace Tours Overview 3
Teacher Checklist for Workplace Tour Development 3
Before the Workplace Tour 4
During the Workplace Tour 6
After the Workplace Tour 7
Workplace Tour Matrix 8

How-To Guide for Job Shadows Guide 3
Developing Job Shadows  
Introduction 2
Job Shadow Overview 2
Teacher Checklist for Job Shadow Development 3
Before the Job Shadow 4
During the Job Shadow 6
After the Job Shadow 7
Job Shadow Matrix 8

How-To Guide for Internships Guide 4
Developing Internships  
Introduction 2
Internship Overview 2
Teacher Checklist for Internship Development 4
Before the Internship 5
During the Internship 8
After the Internship 11
Internship Activity Matrix 12

How-To Guide for Service Learning Guide 5
Developing Service Learning  
Introduction 2
Service Learning Overview 3
Teacher Checklist for Service Learning Development 3
Before the Service Learning Project 4
During the Service Learning Project 8
After the Service Learning Project 9
Service Learning Matrix 11

Building the Classroom Connection  

The Building the Classroom Connection guide provides suggestions for orientation activities, reflection activities and classroom experiences that support work-based learning and ideas for extending student learning beyond the work-based learning experience.

Building the Classroom Connection Guide 6
Introduction 2
Preparing Students for Work-Based Learning 4
Supporting the Worksite Supervisor 6
Concurrent Learning Activities 8
The Importance of Reflection 9
Beyond the Work-Based Learning Experience 12

Guides to the Work-Based Learning Plan  

The Teacher Guide for the Work-Based Learning Plan provides instructions for teachers on how to assist students and workplace partners with writing learning objectives and evaluating student performance. The Workplace Partner and Student Guides to the Work-Based Learning Plan detail the learning objective development process.

Teacher Guide to the Work-Based Learning Plan Guide 7
Introduction 2
Coaching Students to Write Measurable Learning Objectives 3
The Work-Based Learning Plan and Evaluation Tool 6
Using the Work-Based Learning Plan to Record Learning Objectives 9
Workplace (SCANS) Skills Evaluation 10

Workplace Partner Guide to the Work-Based Learning Plan Guide 8
Introduction 1
Student Preparation for Writing Learning Objectives 2
The Work-Based Learning Plan and Evaluation Tool 4
Using the Work-Based Learning Plan to Record Learning Objectives 6
Workplace (SCANS) Skills Evaluation 7

Student Guide to the Work-Based Learning Plan Guide 9
Introduction 2
Measurable Learning Objectives 3
The Work-Based Learning Plan and Evaluation Tool 6
Internship Activity Matrix 11


The Tools section of this toolkit contains supportive materials including forms, sample classroom assignments and items to assist workplace partners.

All Aspects Investigative Interview Tool 1
All Aspects of an Industry Tool 2
All Aspects of an Industry Internship Planning Form Tool 3
All Aspects Problem-Based Learning Activities Tool 4
B-Safe Safety Checklist Tool 5
Confirm Your Interview Tool 6
The Difference Between Jobs and Internships Tool 7
Frequently Asked Questions about Student Internships Tool 8
Informational Interview Tool 9
Internship Application Tool 10
Internship Grading Rubric Tool 11
Internship Journal Tool 12
Internship Orientation Checklist Tool 13
Internship Programs Matrix Tool 14
Job Shadow Activities for Students Tool 15
Learning Objectives Worksheet Tool 16
Portfolio Rubric Tool 17
Pre-Internship Worksite Supervisor Interview Tool 18
Sample Job Shadow Day Schedule Tool 19
SCANS Skills Assessment Tool 20
SCANS Skills Assessment: Classroom Activity Tool 21
Service Learning Contract Tool 22
Service Learning Project Planning Worksheet Tool 23
Seven Simple Guidelines Tool 24
Student Job Shadow Expectation Sheet Tool 25
Student Pre-Internship Worksheet Tool 26
Teacher Notes and Evaluation Worksheet Tool 27
Teacher Tip Sheet Tool 28
Work-Based Learning Contract Tool 29
Work-Based Learning Permission Form Tool 30
Work-Based Learning Plan and Evaluation (Form) Tool 31
Work-Based Learning Plan and Evaluation (Sample) Tool 32
Work-Based Learning Program Evaluation Tool 33
Workplace Partner Guide to Successful Internships Tool 34
Workplace Partner Internship Cover Letter Tool 35
Workplace Safety Curricula Tool 36


The collection of Factsheets specific to Kansas City, Kansas provides an overview of work-based learning structures and programs, laws and regulations and partners, detailing important information about each topic.

Work-Based Learning Factsheets  
Apprenticeship Factsheet 1
Career Mentoring Factsheet 2
Informational Interview Factsheet 3
Internship Factsheet 4
Job Shadow Factsheet 5
Service Learning Factsheet 6
Work Experience Factsheet 7
Workplace Tour Factsheet 8

Legal and Regulatory Factsheets  
Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Factsheet 9
Laws Pertaining to Employment of Students Factsheet 10
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Factsheet 11
Right-to-Work and I-9 Documentation Factsheet 12
Transportation for Work-Based Learning Factsheet 13
Workers Compensation Factsheet 14

Program Factsheets  
Business On-the-Job Training Factsheet 15
Career and Technical Education Factsheet 16
Career Development Internships Factsheet 17
Health Careers Exploration II Factsheet 18
J.C. Harmon Service Learning Factsheet 19
Marketing On-the-Job Training Factsheet 20
Small Learning Communities Factsheet 21
Special Education Vocational Experiences Factsheet 22
Workforce Development Center Factsheet 23
World of Work in Hospitality Factsheet 24

Partner Factsheets  
Business Education Coalition (BEC) Factsheet 25
Business Education Expectations (BE2) Partnership at the Learning Exchange Factsheet 26
PathFinder Factsheet 27


The Quality Work-Based Learning Resource List points to additional materials and organizations that support Quality Work-Based Learning programs.

SCANS Skills Glossary and Evaluation Handbook Resource 1
Quality Work-Based Learning Resource List Resource 2
The Standards for Service Learning Resource 3
References Resource 4

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