Quality Work-Based Learning


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  • Work-Based Learning Toolkit: New York City Youth and Young Adult Career Pathways, with Workforce Professionals Training Institute and NYC Department of Youth and Community Development


  • Work-Based Learning Toolset: Earn & Learn East Bay, with Contra Costa County Office of Education and Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board



Creating Quality Work-Based Learning

Guide (PDF)

 guidebook cover

Quality Work-Based Learning (QWBL) Quality Elements
This framework helps to describe the elements necessary to build experiences for young people that most effectively promote the attainment of knowledge and skills in academic, workplace, and personal arenas.

Graphic Framework
(PDF 300 kb)


 Career Development Continuum

Graphic Frameowrk and Narrative (PDF 6 mb)

career dev continuum

Sonoma County Top 10 Skills
This chart illustrates the top ten skills young people need to begin work, which were identified by Sonoma County employers through an extensive survey.

Skills Chart
(PDF 348 kb)


 skills plus

 Sonoma County WBL Plan

Plan and Assessment (PDF

 wbl plan

Growing Quality Work-Based Learning
This framework helps a community visualize and identify its stage of development in the system-building process. It also provides a road map and guide to the systems-improvement process. It is a powerful tool for self-exploration and raising awareness, effective for both small and large groups.

Graphic Framework
(PDF 342 kb)

Top 10 Workplace Skills

This chart illustrates t he top ten skills young people need to begin work, which were identified by Kansas City employers through an extensive survey. Students in the Kansas City schools took that list one step further and created guidelines for behavior - the "do's and don't's" for the workplace.

Top 10 Workplace Skills
(PDF 356 kb)

Top 10 Workplace Skills with Youth "Do's and Don'ts" (PDF 1.8 mb)



Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit (Kansas City, Kansas)
This toolkit was designed to provide Kansas City, Kansas educators and youth program staff with everything they need to create high quality, safe and legal work-based learning experiences for students.

This toolkit provides resources and materials which are specific to state of Kansas laws, Kansas City, Kansas board policies, and district programs and practices. Please feel free to download and use the materials with full awareness that specifics may need to be changed for your purposes.

Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit
(Full toolkit - 276 pages) (PDF 3.4 mb)

The following is an index with links to individual sections of the toolkit. For a more detailed index of each section, click here.

Creating Quality Work-Based Learning
(PDF 476 kb)

How-To Guides for Work-Based Learning Experiences

How-To Guide for Workplace Tours
(PDF 204 kb)

How-To Guide for Job Shadows
(PDF 208 kb)

How-To Guide for Internships
(PDF 228 kb)

How-To Guide for Service Learning
(PDF 224 kb)

Connecting Classroom Learning to the Workplace

Building the Classroom Connection
(PDF 252 kb)

Guides to the Work-Based Learning Plan

Teacher Guide to the Work-Based Learning Plan (PDF 228 kb)

Workplace Partner Guide to the Work-Based Learning Plan (PDF 236 kb)

Student Guide to the Work-Based Learning Plan (PDF 260 kb)

Supporting Materials




kck toolkit cover


Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit (California)
The QWBL Toolkit for California demonstrates how easy it is for employers, labor partners, educators and School-to-Career staff to create high quality, safe, and legal work-based learning experiences for students engaged in School-to-Career activities. The complete toolkit contains Can Do Guides for employers and labor partners, as well as a complete guide for educators and School-to-Career staff. The toolkit also provides a set of specific factsheets, tools, and resources to help clarify issues and support quality work-based learning practices.

Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit (Full toolkit) (PDF 6.2 mb)

*Can Do Approaches to Work-Based Learning

*Can Do Approaches for Employers

*Can Do Approaches for Organized Labor

*Can Do Approaches for Educators and School-to-Career Staff

Factsheets, Tools, and Resources

Local Partnership Factsheets
Work-Based Learning Factsheets


Legal and Regulatory Factsheets


Tools and Materials Catalog


Quick Guides


Quick Guide for Employers (PDF 828 kb)
Quick Guide for Associations (PDF 828 kb)
Quick Guide for Labor Organizations
(PDF 864 kb)
Quick Guide for Engagement Specialists
(PDF 800 kb)
Engagement Specialists Quick Guide (2005)
(PDF 828 kb)

Workshop Curriculum

WBL Curriculum Handouts (PDF 56 kb)
WBL Toolkit Workshop Curriculum (PDF 88 kb)

Next Steps Worksheets

Next Steps Worksheets Employers
Next Steps Worksheets Labor
Next Steps Worksheets Associations

CA toolkit