Supporting Local Intermediaries

The Quick Guide to Intermediary Practice
Across the country, educators at all levels, business people, workers, parents, and others are creating ways to connect schools and other youth-serving institutions to the broader community, and to the local economy in particular. The Intermediary Guidebook guides Intermediaries in their function to strengthen and raise the public profile of local, state, regional, and national organizations that connect educational institutions, workplaces, and other community resources

The Quick Guide to Intermediary Practice (PDF 2.7 mb)

Strategic Intermediary Functions
The Strategic Intermediary Functions chart conveys the four strategic functions of an intermediary: convene local leadership, broker and provide services, ensure quality and impact of local efforts, and promote policies to sustain effective practices.

Graphic Framework (PDF 4.8 mb)
Assessment (PDF 88 kb)
Workplan (PDF 60 kb)
Progress Report


Operational Intermediary Functions
The Intermediary Connections chart coveys the four levels of Intermediaries and what each level provides:

  • Systems level
  • Operational level
  • Direct service level
  • Support level
Graphic Framework (PDF 4.2 mb)

Making and Managing Community Connections
The Making and Managing Community Connections frameworks helps a community identify its stage of development in the system-building process. It also provides a road map and guide to the systems-improvement process.

Graphic Framework (PDF 6.0 mb)

Frameworks for Intermediary Success
This quick guide is designed to support Intermediary development and makes a case for going beyond addressing individual issues facing young people in isolation, and pushes the boundaries of traditional youth-serving models to create a system that leverages services and supports designed to serve all youth. Building on the Intermediary frameworks developed through the STW Intermediary project and All Youth-One System model developed by New  Ways to Work, the following three frameworks for success provide a planning and implementation guide to broaden and deepen intermediary practice at the local level.

Framework (PDF 505 kb)

Current Trends Tool
This tool guides teams and organizations through a process of identifying the condition and position of their organization in each trend area, and whether you are conducting activities, connecting to activities, or concerned about the issue.

Full tool set (PDF 72 kb)
Instructions (PDF 48 kb)
Table top tool (PDF 32 kb)


Positioning Ourselves in the New Realms Tool
This tool guides teams and organizations with identifying priority "realms" of focus and influence in their work, and developing a workplan based on this information and connected to their strategic functions.

Full tool set (PDF 348 kb)
New Realms Workplan


Phases of Sustainability Tool
This tool guides teams and organizations with identifying their priority activities and how to sustain their work by identifying and leveraging resources and relationships.

Full tool set (PDF 248 kb)
Phases of Sustainability Self-Assessment
Phases of Sustainability Strategy Chart
What We Do Chart