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The Youth Transition Action Team Guidebook
The YTAT Guidebook: Leveraging Community Resources to Ensure Successful Transitions for Foster Youth is the product of the hard work and dedication of many involved in the creation and implementation of this initiative since 2004, This book serves as a guide for systems change in counties across the state of California. It contains information and guidance intended to help Youth Transition Action Teams in California establish practices to better serve foster youth, and to support their successful transition as they move from the foster care system to adult life. This how-to guide brings frameworks, tools, materials, strategies, and approaches to communities as they pursue the development of comprehensive, local youth transition system.

The Youth Transition Action Team Guidebook

(PDF 5.8 MB)


Youth Transition Action Teams Factsheets
The following documents provide an overview of the Youth Transition Action Teams Initiative, including the approach, status, and participating communities.


Factsheet (PDF 72 kb)
Initiative Highlights (PDF 76 kb)


All Youth - One System: Elements of a Comprehensive Youth-Serving System

This framework guides partners in implementing the five key elements of a comprehensive youth-serving system.

Graphic (PDF 9 mb)
Narrative Framework (PDF 56 kb)
Assessment (PDF 112 kb)
Workplan (PDF 297 KB)


Youth Transition Action Teams Core Functions
This framework illustrates the four functions describing the roles and actions of Transition Action Teams as they build successful transitions for youth in foster care.

Graphic Framework (PDF 284 kb)
Narrative Framework-Core Functions
Narrative Framework-OperationalFunctions
Assessment-Core Functions (PDF 288 kb)
Assessment- Improving Program Practice
(PDF 152 kb)


Stages of Building Comprehensive Youth Transition Systems
This framework guides the five-stage process of enhancing community capacity to build a comprehensive youth-transition system for young people emancipating from foster care

Graphic Framework (PDF 2 mb)
Narrative Framework


2008 Foster Youth Career Development and Employment Summit

On January 8th and 9th, 2008, more than 300 foster youth, former foster youth, caretakers, community-based organizations, employers, and professionals from child welfare, workforce development, education, and probation from across California came together in Sacramento to address employment and career development issues and forge solutions for the nearly 85,000 young people in foster care in California. Sponsored by Casey Family Programs, New Ways to Work, and the Child and Family Policy Institute of California (CFPIC), the summit was the first statewide gathering of its kind.

The following resource materials were compiled to support practitioners in their work with foster youth to improve their career development and employment outcomes:

Section One:  Focus Area 1: Prioritize Career Development and Employment for Every Foster Youth.
(PDF 932 kb)

Section Two:  Focus Area 2:  Systematically Connect Youth to Education and Workforce Development Programs. (PDF 1.3 mb)

Section Three:  Focus Area 3: Support Emancipating and Emancipated Youth in their Transition to Adulthood. (PDF 1.2 mb)

Section Four: Provide Work Experience and Job Opportunities that Lead to Economic Success.
(PDF 3.9 mb)

Section Five:  Career Development Resource Materials (PDF 1.6 mb)

Section Six: California Foster Care Legislation (PDF 580 kb)

Complete Resource Packet (PDF 6.7 mb)

Other materials from the 2008 Summit:

Click here to see the summary of recommended priority actions
(PDF 56 kb)

Click here to download the Policy Framework for California's Foster Youth (PDF 392 kb)


2007 Foster Youth Focus Series

These tools were developed for Focus Series Session One.

CareerPreparationResourceMapTool.pdf (PDF 568 kb)

FocusSeriesActionPlannngTool.pdf (PDF 880 kb)

YTATFocusSession1ActionPlanningInstructions.pdf (PDF 460 kb)


Compilation of 2006 Promising Practices(PDF 2.6 mb)

Framework for Integrating Inclusive Governance & RBA into Prop. 10 Process [PDF 153 KB]

Building Blocks to Community Inclusion: A Facilitator's Guide to Community Conversations [PDF 277 KB]

Inclusive Governance Continuum: From Exclusion to Inclusion [PDF 195KB]

Results and Performance Accountability - Cheat Sheet [PDF 120 KB]

Are we Practicing Inclusive Governance?
A Tool for Dialogue and Reflection
(PDF 364 kb)