Employer Engagement

Engaging Workplace Partners: Quality Characteristics
This framework describes  the effectiveness indicators for organizations who excel at engaging employers and other workplace partners.

Graphic Framework (PDF 100 kb)
Narrative Framework (PDF 112 kb)
Assessment (PDF 248 kb)
Quick Workplan
Full Workplan



Engagement Specialist Quick Guide
To successfully engage employers and workplace partners to provide workplace experiences for youth, Engagement Specialists need to focus on the needs of the industry and customer. This Guide outlines the four easy steps to the successful engagement of employers, labor, government, community organizations, and others to support engagement efforts.


Engagement Specialist Quick Guide
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Marketing and Selling Standards and Tools
A clear plan for engaging workplace partners, based on targeted and proven marketing and selling strategies, makes all the difference in bringing new partners on board. The following guides and tools support Engagement Specialists' marketing and engagement efforts.

Understanding Market Forces Activity
(PDF 100 kb)
Engaging Workplace Partners Marketing Standards (PDF 184 kb)
Engaging Workplace Partners Sales Standards
(PDF 152 kb)
Market and Sell Your Service - Sample Marketing Plan
Engaging Workplace Partners Customer Service Standards (PDF 176 kb)
Handling Workplace Partner and Employer Objections (PDF 116 kb)

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Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit (Kansas City, Kansas)

A primary component of this toolkit focuses on engagement and support for workplace partners in providing quality work-based learning experiences for youth. Click the following link to see a listing of the full contents of the Toolkit .

Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit (Kansas City, Kansas)

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Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit (California)

The QWBL Toolkit for California demonstrates how easy it is for employers, labor partners, educators and School-to-Career staff to create high quality, safe, and legal work-based learning experiences for students engaged in School-to-Career activities. The complete toolkit contains Can Do Guides for employers and labor partners, as well as a complete guide for educators and School-to-Career staff. Click the following link to see the table of contents for this Toolkit .

Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit (California)

CA toolkit