Working with High Schools

Diploma Plus Four Essentials Model
This framework describes the four cornerstones of Diploma Plus schools that need to be in place to provide effective services and supports for youth.

Graphic Framework (PDF 114kb)
DP Four Essentials Assessment (PDF 112kb)
DP Performance-Based System Assessment

(PDF 64kb)

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Diploma Plus Stages of School Design, Implementation, and Start-Up
This framework describes the five-stage process involved in opening a Diploma Plus school.

Graphic Framework
DP Schools Workplan (PDF 60kb)
DP Effective Supports Assessment
(PDF 64kb)
DP Future Focus Assessment (PDF 60kb)
DP Supportive School Culture Assessment

(PDF 64kb)
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The Communities and Schools for Career Success Implementation Manual

The CS2 Implementation Manual provides information and resource materials for implementing CS2. The Guide includes descriptive information about the CS2 initiative, the stages of development model, information and suggestions for supporting and growing the CS2 initiative, and a ToolKit which includes a range of resource materials for effective planning and program implementation.
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Communities and Schools for Career Success Quality Elements

This framework guides processes, systems or supports that need to be in place to provide effective services and supports for youth.

Graphic Framework
Narrative Framework

Roles of CS2 Entrepreneurs

This framework illustrates the variety of roles CS2 Entrepreneurs enact as community change agents.

Graphic Framework

CS2 Stages of Development
This framework guides the five-stage process for developing and implementing the CS2 model in communities.

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CS2 Evaluation Reports
The CS2 California Initiative was evaluated by a third party for three consecutive years. Brandeis University evaluated CS2 during it's first two years and Public Works, Inc. conducted an evaluation during the third year. Click the following links to see the evaluation results of this initiative.

Year Three Implementation Evaluation Report
Year Three Executive Summary
Year Three Outcome Summary
Year One and Two Evaluation Results

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CS2 Impact Brochure

The CS2 Impact Brocure provides a quick glance at the initiative. Highlighed are local CS2 strategies which have resulted in the following impacts: broadening the base of support for education, building district-wide capacity for small learning communities, preparing a skilled workforce, addressing the student achievement gap, and focusing on results through ongoing evaluation.
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