New Ways works with practitioners and policy-makers to identify the issues, and engages local partners to design and implement approaches that provide new opportunities for youth to succeed.

Program Areas

New Ways brings partners together to work in five targeted areas.



 Connected Programs and Youth-Serving Systems

We work with local leaders and practitioners from the workforce, child welfare, education, and juvenile justice fields to connect agencies, organizations, programs, and the private sector to expand and improve opportunities for youth. We support the development of new programs that connect a set of partners to leverage resources and expand services, and help communities develop operational intermediaries and high-functioning collaboratives to enable and facilitate local youth-serving systems.




  Career Development Approaches


We help schools and training programs apply career development principles and practice in the classroom, extend the classroom to the workplace, and apply high=quality, tested approaches to preparing youth for both college and career. Our Career Development Continuum helps define sequenced career development activities conducted in the classroom, the workplace, and in communities.



  Employer Engagement


We support organizations in their efforts to engage employers and other private and public sector partners. We help schools, youth programs, workforce providers, and local collaboratives and intermediaries develop a range of participation options and apply a dual customer approach to increase their capacity to effectively involve employers in their work with youth. 




High Quality Work-Based Learning  



We apply a defined a set of tools, processes, and approaches that support the workplace as a powerful and connected learning place for youth. Our toolkits and support materials can be readily adapted to reflect local priorities for a full range of work-based learning activities at the awareness, exploration, and preparation levels. 




  Foster Youth: Pathways to Employment  


We focus efforts on supporting the transition to adulthood for foster youth. We help build effective partnerships between child welfare agencies, educational institutions, and workforce development programs at the local level to ensure that employment and career preparation opportunities are provided to all youth in care.